Get Involved

Small Groups

There are many opportunities to share in small groups.
Book Group
On the second Thursday of every month from 5:30 – 6:30 PM, a group of book lovers get together to discuss the latest read. See this month’s title in the calendar section and join us around the fireplace.
Rational Free Thinkers
Every Sunday at 9:15 AM, friends and members gather in the library for lively discussion on a variety of topics.
Double Circle Dinners
First UU hosts a potluck on the fourth Saturday of every month at 6 PM. It’s a great opportunity to get to know one another by sharing stories and a meal.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to participate in the life of the church. See the list of committees below and contact the chair.

Additionally, First UU is very active in events that occur around Terre Haute. For example, friends and members marched in November, 2009, on the streets of downtown in order to raise awareness for healthcare reform.Contact someone from the Social Justice Committee to find out more.


First UU is a cooperative endeavor, and we need your help. Join a committee and find yourself among friends.(The chair of each committee is listed first.)

Board of Trustees
The Board endeavors to make decisions on behalf of the congregation and to carry out the desires of the congregation after democratic voting procedures at congregational meetings.
Chair: Sam Martland
Past Chair: Leslie Barratt
Vice: Cathie Laska
Secretary: Elizabeth Friedman
Treasurer: Miren Beristain
At Large: Zann Carter
At Large: Aaron Barnhart
Committee on Ministry
Facilitates communication among the congregation, the board, and the minister.
Sara Laughlin: Kay Phillips, Brian Morton, Aaron Barnhart, Fern Cawley, Thomas Molina and Rev. Amy Kindred
Oversees church finances.
Leslie Barratt: Bill Carper
Oversees hospitality teams for coffee hour and other social gatherings as determined by the chair.
OPEN: Lisa Robertson, Marty Cornelius, Pam Otte
Pastoral Care
Provides the congregation with support and confidentiality related to care.
OPEN: Heather Dhar, Kay Phillips, Doddie Stone, Ginny Hagel-Pitt
Works to welcome visitors and to integrate frequent attendees and new members into the life of the church.
Doddie Stone: Frances Judd, Amy Phillips,
Music and Aesthetics
Seeks and decides on the music and art choices that enhance the experience of worship.
Cathie Laska/Louise Clark: Amy Phillips
LIfespan Education
Oversees religious education for our children and adults.
DRE Andrea Heine: Gerri Lynn Lambert, Robyn Morton, Bill Carper, Brian Morton
Adult Rational Free Thinkers
Provides guidance regarding discussions and topics for the Sunday gatheringss.
Ed Warner
Service Associates
Works with the minister to organize Sunday servicess.
Fern Cawley: Will Barratt, Leslie Barratt, Jean Kristeller, Miren Beristain, Fern Cawley, Lisa Robertson, Frank Young, Dennis Evers
Social Action
Informs and encourages members and friends to participate in social justice actions, both locally and in the national and international areas of concern.
Sylvia Oster / Elizabeth Friedman / Cathy McGuire
Building Maintenance
@I{Manages the maintenance of the building.]
Will Barratt, Mark Oster
Long-Range Planning
Creates the schema for growth and stability.
Miren Beristain: Rev. Amy Kindred
Marketing / Public Relations
Utilizes resources in order to promote the mission of First UU.
Dorothy Jerse:

Committee chairs may change during the year. All friends and members are encouraged to participate in a commitee. However, Finance and the Committee on Ministry are determined by the board.